Thursday, October 10, 2013

How 3-pt Line Changed the Game

     The three point line was officially adopted in the NBA in 1979-80, internationally in 1984, and collegiately in 1986. The three point line was introduced because many people believed that if you made a shot from a farther distance than it should be worth more points.

     In college teams across the country the line opened up their offenses and allowed more points to be scored. Excitement across the country increased because never before had the world seen long-range buzzer beaters. The line forced coaches to take an entirely new approach to what they did and how they coached. The change in strategy affected the officials, too. Gerald Boudreaux, now the Southeastern Conference coordinator of men’s basketball officials, was an SEC ref in 1986-87. “It definitely opened it up,” Boudreaux recalled. “At that time, we had a lot of big guys in the SEC and post play was pretty serious. But you had guys shooting from the outside and it kind of expanded the field, if you will.” It made it tougher to officiate. Today the three point line allows many teams that may not be as athletic or have as big of players be able to compete because they can get guys who can get out and run and shoot the ball.

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