Friday, December 13, 2013

Effective Intermediate Dribbling Workout

This is part two of the dribbling workout I personally use to get my handles. Once you complete the beginner level it's time to start the intermediate level. It is very important to make sure your muscles are warm and loose. You do not want to pull a muscle. I usually start my workout out with some calisthenics. I do all my calisthenics with at least one ball that I dribble up and down the court while I perform the exercise. I start with a jog, then high knees, then butt kicks, then shuffle, then karaoke, then back pedal, then one my trainer made up called coordination. Then the workout begins. 

Ball wraps: (Both directions)
  Around head 1x30
  Around waist 1x30
  Around knees 1x30
  Around both legs 1x30
Low Dribbles: *(Reverse directions)
   Right hand 3x45 secs
   Left hand 3x45 secs 
   Right hand front to back 2x45 secs 
   Left hand front to back 2x45 secs 
   Right hand side to side 2x45 secs 
   Left hand side to side 2x45 secs 
   *Around right leg 2x45 secs
   *Around left leg 2x45 secs
   *Around both legs 2x45 secs
   *Figure "8" 2x45 secs

You do the following laterals in 3 sets of as many crossovers you can do in 15 seconds.
The average high school player can do 60 crossovers in 15 seconds. You count one every time the ball hits the ground. It's very important to stay in your ready position with your feet shoulder width apart. 
Crossover under the knees 
Crossover right hand through between the legs 
Crossover left hand through between the legs 
Crossover under the legs (behind the back) 

2-Ball Dribbling: Work on really driving the ball into the ground as hard as you can.
Simultaneous 2x50 
Alternate dribbles 2x50
Cupping 2x40
Font to back 2x40
Juggling 2x45
"Raindrop" 2x30 (right and left hand) 

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